Make you charming and vigorous

BEVILLE hipbands are perfect for activating the gluteal muscles and training the lower body.

Compared to latex tapes, these tapes are

  • Uncomfortable - latex tends to stick to the skin, which can cause discomfort if you sweat.

  • Roll up - can be very annoying trying to focus on the exercise.

  • Tear Easily - Thin latex and rubber can tear pretty quickly if you use them frequently for kickbacks or stretching movements.

To solve the above problems, our BEVILLE are Booty Bands

  • Comfortable - Don't stick to the skin. The fabric is also kind to the skin.

  • Stay In Place - Designed with a non-slip grip in the inner layer to keep the band in place while you perform exercises.

  • Strong - The material makes these types of ligaments less stretchy, so they offer a lot of resistance during leg exercises.

Our BEVILLE resistance bands mix colors in each band and are more fashionable than others. To get a prey activation, your body line and curve can be better accentuated, which makes you charming and attractive


BEVILLE fitness bands 5 setBEVILLE Resistance bands set chest expander 11 setBEVILLE Booty bands set 3 setBEVILLE hula hoop
Special functionPull up assistantBreast expanderGlute activation
materialnatural latexNatural latex, nylonPolyester cotton + natural latex
Upper body workout

Lower body workout
Resistance valuefrom 5 to 85LBSTotal 150 LBS -10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50LBSLight-30 Medium-40 Heavy-50 lbs
Stackable use

Home fitness
Extra accessoriesStorage bag * 1+ instruction manual * 1Door anchor * 1 + ankle strap * 2 + handle * 2 + storage bag * 1 + instruction manual * 1Storage bag * 1+ instruction manual * 1
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BEVILLE is mainly manufacturing and selling resistance bands and some other related exercise equipment in Europe.Just like our slogan,we hope that the one who doing workouts with our equipment will become charming and vigorous.
Make you charming and vigorous